About Us

Endless Memories Designs is a solely owned proprietorship, headed by Julie Johnson. Julie is a self taught SharePoint Administrator working as a government civilian for the Navy. She’s been working with Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) 2007 since late 2008 and all the versions since, now mostly SharePoint 2019 and SharePoint Online. Active in the SharePoint community, she’s known for offering tips and assistance to others in her community and attending events like SharePoint Saturdays and the Best Practices Conference held in La Jolla, CA. She loves what she does an enjoys helping others where/when she can.

She’s been in the Information Technology (IT) industry since 2000, getting her start as a Software Tester. Becoming proficient in testing but not quite fulfilling her career goals of web development, she moved on to other opportunities that allowed her to create and manage websites for the U.S. Navy and also several for the City of Hampton.

Julie enjoys creating websites so much, she does so also as a hobby, trying out new skills she’s learned. In 2002, she took that hobby and started her own business under the name, Endless Memories Designs. As a sole proprietor, she has created several sites and help manage others for several in her local area but even has a customer in Florida! The ability to learn, try out and create new sites, at her own pace/schedule and getting paid to do what she enjoys makes this a win/win for her. Now the reporting it to the IRS part and paying taxes, hmm, not so much.

Why the interest in creating websites?

It’s ingrained in her and became her destiny. At an early age, Julie had an interest in computers and technology. She played computer games on her brother’s Apple IIC like Lone Runner and Donkey Kong. Technology only got better as the years went by and she became interested in it even more. She got her own computer her senior year in high school and learned about the free trials of ISPs like AOL, Earthlink, MSN. As a college freshman, Julie learned all about the Internet, AOL and chat via TELNET and AOL. She still has friends that she chatted with from school in the TELNET chat rooms, specifically one called Cirrus Nebula and she can’t believe she even remembers that!

Julie spent a lot of her downtime between classes in her college’s computer lab. She created her first website there. It was a free service hosted by Angelfire, later Geocities, letting the little people have websites. For no reason other than “Hey this person has a site, how do I make one?” and “How can I do that on my site?”, Groovy World, a personal website, was stood up. Nowadays, Groovy World would be branded as cheesy, with its animated graphics, bright color scheme and many pages that scrolled what seemed like endlessly, but back then, it was pretty “groovy”. 🙂 It had info about her, her circle of friends, her dogs, her family tree, an in depth list of chatroom IP addresses and pictures. It, like many others in existence back then, gave away too much personal info though. As she became more aware of hackers, identity theft and spammers, she pared down the site to the point that it really wasn’t worth keeping up anymore. She parted ways with it and got into blogging instead, sharing thoughts about recent concerts, trips and events and posting slideshows to share with family and friends. With the creation of sites like Facebook and MySpace, it was easier to share those sort of things with only the people she wanted to share it with, so she ended her personal blog.

Work websites take up most of her time now, but she created this blog to help share what she’s learned. Her hopes that if one person finds it useful, it’s worth doing.

Is she educated?

Um, yeah! Of course! Julie graduated with honors in the top 5% of her high school class and holds an Advanced Studies diploma, prepping her for college. Julie also holds a Bachelor of Science in Information Science (MIS), concentration in Management, prepping her for her career. She is Security+ certified and looks to add more certifications under her belt that focus more on web development and SharePoint.

Julie Johnson, owner

When she’s not working…

MUSIC: Julie enjoys music, her iPod Touch being a gadget she practically couldn’t live without. Now it’s her iPhone. She enjoys concerts, singing and playing games like Guitar Hero where she can play guitar, bass, drums and even sing. She also dabbles in playing a “for real” electric guitar.

BEING CREATIVE: Julie also enjoys being creative and demonstrates it through drawing, painting, wine cork crafts,  landscaping, and decorating.

OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES: She enjoys the outdoors, from relaxing at the beach, to riding trails or down the boardwalk on her mountain bike. She also enjoys the occasional snowboarding, kayaking, a wild hair driven 5k or 8k.

COMPUTER GAMES: Julie enjoys computer games like the Sims. At one point, a game interest of hers was WoW. WoW?, you might say? World of Warcraft for those who don’t know. It’s still installed on her gaming computer by the way. 

There’s a lot more than the above that makes Julie, Julie. Above is just the tip of the iceberg.